The Beyoncé of Education: Aisha Ussery

During my two-month recovery from surgery, I began to suffer from unbearable ennui. How would I lay around all day with nothing but my thoughts to keep me company? I COULD NEVER. Fortunately, I was invited to non-strenuous artistic activities. At separate events, I saw my former Music Doing Good in Schools students.  Three tall, handsome and intelligent young men spotted me and each had similar reactions…an audible gasp in amazement, admiration, and a big hug. Wow, I felt like the Beyoncé of education! Passers-by stopped to view the commotion of a long-awaited reunion between a passionate educator and her beloved students. They were thrilled to share how our time together impacted their lives and how their program experience was unforgettable.

MUSIC: Malik performed in One Stop Hip-Hop Shop (2013)

I went to the Rodeo and saw a proud man working the entrance.  It was Malik, a former Wheatley High School student, who is a student at Texas Southern University where he is still making MUSIC with the Ocean of Soul.

DOING: Ishmael performed in Mostly Blues (2014) and That’s Classic! (2015)

Ishmael is still DOING theatre!  I went to the 2017 UIL One Act Play Contest where Ishmael performed the role of Mammy (a female character) for which he won All Star Cast Member.  He stated, “I’m so happy you’re here! You brought me into the wonderful of theatre.  Your opinion means a lot to me.”

GOOD: Marley performed in Now You Has Jazz (2012)

Michelle Thibeaux, Marley and Tosh’s mom, shared, ” Music Doing Good in Schools gave both of our boys such an amazing experience that validated, respected and truly enhanced their lives..Most importantly, this experience has transferred into other areas. They have more confidence than ever now! We will be FOREVER grateful to the Music Doing Good family. We love you and wish you MUCH SUCCESS!!!”

Knowing that I have positively influenced the lives of young men makes me feel like a star, like an angel.  It’s like I CAN FEEL MY HALO! ?

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Aisha Ussery