Scholarships Thrive with Community Support

Not only did Music Doing Good recently receive the highest number of scholarship applications to date, but we were also able to hand out a record number of scholarships because of the resourcefulness and dedication of a very special donor, Dusten Moore.

In 2017, Music Doing Good had planned to award 100 scholarships totaling $80,000 to local music students. Thanks to Dusten Moore, we were able to add six recipients to that list. He raised an additional $1,800 through business relationships as well as his own contribution to apply to Music Doing Good with Scholarships.

Dusten Moore pictured with the 2017 scholarship recipients who benefited from his support.

This year, Dusten was able to raise $8,000 by personally contributing, as well as enlisting the help of his employer, Apex Pump & Equipment, $1500, along with the following additional companies: Bay Area Gasket and Supply, $1000; RWN Contractors LLC, $1500; Double D Transport, $1000; Midwest Hose & Specialty, Inc., $1000; and Pioneer Pump, $1500. And…most of the companies are Texas-based, but the last two companies listed are located in Oklahoma and Oregon respectively!

We all have communities whether they be through family, church, school, work, professional associations or special interests. When communities unite, as we saw through Dusten’s efforts, the results can be awe inspiring. Music Doing Good is truly astonished with the way this business community united to create a far greater impact for our students. As a result of their efforts, 16 additional scholarships were added this year.

Dusten Moore taken at the 2018 Music Doing Good with Scholarships announcement event.

Thanks to the generosity of Dusten, his employer and his colleagues, the following students received $500 scholarships: Natalia Almontes, Jayson Babanto, Tony Bui, Phuc Dang, Roman Flanagan, Jazmin Garza, Sebastian Garza, Savannah Getz, Clarissa Gonzalez, Gabrielle Gutierrez, Nicholas Keel, Alan Nguyen, Peiyao Ning, Sofia Puccio, Alonso Ruiz and Oscar Velasquez.

Music Doing Good with Scholarships is truly grateful to Dusten for uniting his business contacts to help our students continue their music education!