Scholarship Recipients Making Us Proud!

We absolutely love to hear from our Music Doing Good Scholarship Recipients! And as we get closer to the deadline this spring (March 21), we are hearing quite a lot from them. Last year, we had a total of 106 scholarship recipients and we are hoping to give out even more this year. Below are some updates from our talented young students.

“My piano abilities and passion for playing the piano continue to grow as a result of my generous Music Doing Good Scholarship. I have already decided to become a Piano Performance Major in college at UH because I want to continue playing the piano throughout my life, and as a result I am fully committed to becoming the best pianist I can be. As a result, I am currently spending about 3 – 4 hours a day practicing the piano and learning several new pieces to build up my music repertoire to be used in future competitions.”

— Steven Dong

Steven Dong

“I just got back last week from Miami with the National Youngarts Foundation regional program. Amazingly inspiring, full of super talented peers and teachers. I have plans this summer to go and play in Chicago at the North Shore Chamber Music Festival, and at the Chicago Symphony Hall. Just yesterday, I was accepted to Bowdoin Music Festival, which is where a potential MDG scholarship will go (We’ll see if I can convince my parents, its not cheap). It’s an extremely prestigious program, and I’ve been assigned to an amazing teacher who will definitely be helpful in my working on college auditions in less than a year!!!

— Kevin Chan

Kevin Chan plays at the Elite Pre-Super Bowl Party benefiting Music Doing Good.

Awty Student Selected as Texas All-State Musician

Congratulations to sophomore Katrina Sawyer! She is a member of Awty’s Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band and she performed with the Texas All-State Band in San Antonio on Saturday, February 17, at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center as part of the 2018 Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Clinic/Convention.

Katerina Sawyer

“I would like to send you the summary of my private lessons that I took last summer covered by Music Doing Good Scholarship. Through the generous Music Doing Good scholarship, I have been able to receive ten violin lessons that greatly developed my skills free of charge. Before these lessons, I was unable to fully express my true emotions and feelings through music, as I had a hard time putting myself in such an open, emotional state. However, the lessons that I received through the scholarship, I was finally able to truly be one with music. I worked on the Mendelssohn concerto, which continued to develop my musicality while challenging several technical abilities mainly: smoother shifting, more expressive vibrato, and bow control. Thanks to Music Doing Good, I was able to become the musician that I am now.”

— Jimmy Liu

Jimmy Liu teaching a child to play violin on a mission trip to Guatemala.