Music Doing Good Initiates Harvey Instrument Relief Program to Restore Flooded Instruments to Band and Orchestra Programs

HOUSTON, TX  (October 3, 2017) – In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Music Doing Good quickly realized that along with the catastrophic loss of residences, commercial buildings, performance halls and green spaces, Houston schools had sustained a devastating loss of musical instruments. Music Doing Good with Instruments is working closely with schools and administrators fielding requests to replace instruments that were ruined due to flooding. The organization is utilizing multiple resources to maximize relief in the community to get students back to the cornerstone of their education – music. In response to the damage from Hurricane Harvey, Music Doing Good with Instruments will be making instrument grants in the coming weeks to Fred Roberts Middle School, CE King Middle School and Thompson Intermediate Middle School in the form of violins, violas, basses, cellos and bows. “There have been many tears shed over the past 2 weeks as a result of Harvey, but none more welcome and beautiful than those of today when I read your email to Debbie McKelvey (Roberts Middle School).  On behalf of the Pasadena Independent School District, our amazing band and orchestra directors and our precious students, please let me express our unspeakable gratitude for the generosity of Music Doing Good, Inc.,” states Linda Fletcher, Director of Fine Arts, Pasadena ISD. Music Doing Good with Instruments has been collecting and granting gently-used and refurbished instruments to Houston students and schools since 2011. Hurricane Harvey provided an opportunity for the organization to extend their reach and effect in the community by buying new instruments to restore and expand orchestra programs that needed help. “Music Doing Good with Instruments recognizes that successful musical study requires dedication, instruction, structured practice, and a caring support system. By investing in school music programs, we increase the odds of student success by leveraging the consistent instruction offered by committed teachers,” remarks Kenneth Gayle, Program Director of Music Doing Good with Instruments. As Founder and President of Music Doing Good, Ms. Marie Bosarge, has said a million times, “Music education is a necessity, not a luxury.” Because learning music accesses multiple parts of the brain simultaneously, it is like super food for a developing young mind. It is an integral part of the education process. Music Doing Good is a nonprofit arts organization that inspires and transforms lives through innovative, music-based programs and performance experiences. The outreach programs bring music to children in Houston who would otherwise not have access. Music Doing Good offers scholarships to music students in grades 4 – 12 for private lessons and music workshops. The organization grants free, gently-used instruments to individuals and schools that wish to create orchestra and/or band programs. Music Doing Good offers a year-long after school, fine arts enrichment program for students of Title 1 schools. These programs use music to stimulate minds, spark creativity and ignite imagination. Music Doing Good College-Bound Fund sends music students to college at four of Houston’s leading universities and colleges.