An Instrument Request Becomes a Partnership

When Pablo Gomez’ orchestra leader, Mr. Callejas, wrote to Music Doing Good regarding an instrument grant, we instantly knew what an important request we had received. Pablo’s story was so compelling and he is exactly the kind of student and person we look for in an instrument recipient. Please read Mr. Callejas’ application submitted on behalf of Pablo.

Pablo Gomez is a very hard working student in the Klentzman Orchestra. He has surpassed expectations far beyond where his current resources can take him. He came into the program speaking little English in a class filled with monolingual English speaking musicians. He spent his first year of orchestra learning the violin and when he returned his second year, he continued to play the violin at a very high level, but also developed a passion for the double bass. He continually shows up every morning at 7:45am for rehearsal and private practice and stays after school almost every day for more musical instruction. He does not own a personal instrument so he utilizes the instruments from school.

A brief story about Pablo: He decided to help with the beginner’s concert this year by playing double bass at the concert with the new students. He went home on the bus to bring his mother to the concert and his bass from home. When he arrived home he was told that nobody was able to take him back to school with any form of transportation because some issues had arisen. He grabbed his 1/2 bass and walked 3 miles back to school on a Wednesday evening to be able to play at the concert. He refused to let his classmates down. His mother is deaf and she never learned how to read. Pablo does a lot for his family and they are unable to purchase an instrument for him at this moment. All of his accomplishments have been done through his own will and finding on his own resources. I truly believe Pablo will benefit from an instrument from “Music Doing Good.”

Since this instrument grant, Mr. Callejas submitted a list of instruments that are needed by Klentzman to fill out their orchestra program. Music Doing Good is working with them to refurbish or replace those instruments. We hope to have Klentzman completely outfitted by the fall when school begins again. Thus, a new partnership is born.