A Fortuitous Accident at KIPP SHARP

Music Doing Good is honored to be a resource for dedicated music teachers and students. It gives us great pleasure to build a continuing and blossoming relationship with KIPP schools, which has included instrument grants and performance opportunities!

Students from KIPP SHARP perform at a Music Doing Good concert.

We recently received an email from KIPP SHARP Fine Arts Teacher, Madeline Herdeman:

“I want to reach out to you about a student of mine. He accidentally fell on his cello this morning and it is irreparably damaged. He urgently needs another cello and his family has no means to get one. I am happy to have him write an application for a cello, but my ask is if Music Doing Good can donate a cello to SHARP that I can give to him to use for the rest of this year, just to get it to him sooner.

I know this is a big ask! Music Doing Good is where I think to ask first in a situation like this. I thank you very much for your time and have a great day.”

Accidents do happen…

A replacement cello was immediately granted. Madeline Herdeman and Kenneth Gayle saw to the replacement.

Do you know of a dedicated orchestra or band student who needs an instrument to continue their study during the summer months?  Music Doing Good with Instruments has a select number of lovingly used and refurbished string instruments, clarinets, flutes and trumpets that need new homes!

Go to www.musicdoinggood.org/outreach/with-instruments to apply or nominate a student.