Wrapped in Love


Now…Inhale beauty.

Exhale all that does not serve you.

Repeat the mantra several times for yourself.

Inhale beauty.

Exhale all that does not serve you.

Imagine being an impressionable, young girl who faces obstacles that hinge upon the color of her skin and her cultural background. Her mental landscape is painted with questions:  Do I belong? Am I good enough? Why do I have to tone it down? Where do I go from here? Why do they keep telling me to lighten up? What’s wrong with me?

My answer to her is inhale beauty and exhale all that does not serve you.

My actions towards her are WRAPPED in love.

In a dimly lit room filled with candles, the fragrant aroma of burning sage, the calming sounds of a flute and a beautiful display of earth, fire, wind, and water created an atmosphere for nineteen ladies to embrace their feminine power rooted in love, respect, accountability, and humility (the names of the female superheroes starring in IN. MY. FEELINGS.). Present were five young heroines, their mothers whom were named the Super Powers, eight prominent community activists called Warrior Women, and Kim Bady our Sacred Feminine Leader and Womb Healer. Kim Bady empowered us with words of validation, support, and confidence.

Inhale beauty.

The Superheroes, Super Powers, and Warrior women created and performed artistic works featuring a deeper analysis of the strength amassed through grounding, having a giving heart, properly leveraging respect and pride, and being dependable.  These works brought me to tears as I watched the community, mothers, and daughters connect and share their soul-stirring gifts. After each performance offering, each group was blessed to hear affirmations to build up and not tear down.

Exhale all that does not serve you.

The girls also learned the significance of the head wrap per the African culture and various ways to tie a wrap.  Their fabrics were ceremoniously presented to them and they created a wrapped image that would best represent who they are and will become on stage. We wrapped up our time together with a photo shoot, capturing the beauty that radiated from the inside out. The positive energy that engulfed the room assured everyone that we were WRAPPED in love. And may we never forget to…

Inhale beauty and exhale all that does not serve us.

Kim Bady

 by Aisha Ussery, M.Ed.