Testimonial: “I’m a Believer!”

It’s that time of year…back to school. That means it’s also time for Music Doing Good in Schools to return to Houston campuses. We are grateful to Ms. Byrd, Principal of Cummings Elementary School for taking time in her busy schedule to say a few nice words about Music Doing Good in Schools!

August 31, 2018

Music Doing Good in Schools has been a part of our elementary campus since 2013 and we are continuing our partnership for the 2018-19 school year.  Because of this non-profit organization that has a passion for kids and music, our students have been granted opportunities that have impacted them emotionally, behaviorally and academically.  Additionally, the classroom teachers have grown to see the benefits of MDGiS and actively seek to get select students involved.

Through Music Doing Good with Instruments, we have been able to offer guitar lessons, piano lessons and violin lessons.  Our students participate in lessons one day each week and are allowed to take their instruments home for practice.  As a campus, we are working to seek more funding to pay our artists to increase lessons to twice weekly.  Without the generosity and support of MDGiS, we would not be able to offer lessons or provide instruments as our budget is unable to absorb such costs.

Perhaps one the most exciting outcomes of the work done by MDGiS is watching a quiet student speak clearly at the Hobby Center or observing a student considered as ADHD or as a behavior problem give his total attention to learning lines for his role in a skit.  Simply stated, our students’ confidence, smiles and enthusiasm confirm that MDGiS is good!

As a campus administrator, I am tasked with many responsibilities.  I choose to make music a priority on our campus because I am believer in the impact that music, movement and theater have on student learning.  Students that actively participate in one of our many MDGiS supported enrichments, are rarely (if ever) sent to the office or failing subjects due to a lack of effort.  I attribute that to what they are learning through MDGiS and the solid relationship that is established between the director, Aisha Ussery, and the students, parents and teachers.

By making a donation of any amount to MDGiS, you are saying—I am believer!  I too believe in the power of music.


Jeanette H. Byrd