A Musical Adventure Celebrated on Two Continents

In April, Bella received a Music Doing Good scholarship, which would take her on an unimaginable adventure. Her scholarship money was intended for participation in a festival for young pianists called,Festival Juvenil de Piano.”  Bella was fortunate to stay with close family friends, but she needed a place to practice. At a nearby local school, she found an old upright piano that would suffice. As Bella played, a few local kids came into the room wanting to know if she was their new “Maestra.” In her best Spanish, she tried to explain that she was just a teenager. The director heard Bella playing and was so impressed that he asked her to perform a piano recital for the school and to engage in a question and answer session with the students.

Music Doing Good with Scholarships director, Rodney Waters, received the following voice message from Bella’s mother. “I was able to Face Time and watch the questions and answers and her performance. I can’t even tell you how wonderful this has been. So I will leave tonight at 10:45 to join Bella. The festival will start on the 28th. We will be in touch and taking lots of pictures and showing you… just gosh (tears), one child…how it can touch so many lives of other children and other people and I just want to thank you and your organization.”

Bella then met the other students that she would be working with at the festival, and quickly realized that she was the youngest pianist.  She embarked on a rigorous schedule of master classes, private lessons, and constant playing with her classmates. After an intense week of piano and bonding with her classmates and professors, Bella was ready for her performance at the Museo de Arte Costarricense.  “The night of the performance was filled with anticipation. We had all worked so hard. I had never met such talented, hard-working people who were so willing to help each other become better pianists. The weather, the people, and of course, the music was perfect.”

Before leaving Costa Rica, she visited the little school to thank them for their generosity and made a donation in the name of Music Doing Good. Bella’s donation will allow another young musician to have an opportunity to study music.

Music Doing Good is a nonprofit arts organization that inspires and transforms lives through innovative, music-based programming and performance experiences. The outreach programs bring musical enrichment to children in Houston’s most disadvantaged communities. The programs use music to stimulate minds, spark creativity and ignite imagination.

Music Doing Good in Schools engages the whole child in a TEKS-aligned music program designed to educate and empower participants, culminating in student-written performance at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts.

Music Doing Good with Instruments collects, refurbishes and grants free gently-used instruments to underserved children and underfunded school districts.

Music Doing Good touches the lives of thousands of individuals annually as we strive to create a world where we all live in concert.