Music of Harmony

Two years ago, scholarship recipient, Nathaniel Zhang approached Music Doing Good with the idea of raising awareness of our outreach programs in the Sugar Land and Katy areas. He held meetings to invite families to learn more about the organization. We were blown away with the results. In a very short time, Nathaniel managed to recruit a corps of volunteers that consisted of more than 100 families.

Nathaniel Zhang performing at the Music Doing Good with Scholarships concert at Cullen Hall.

By the end of 2016, Nathaniel and his team produced a music showcase for young musicians at the Kawai Piano Gallery in Houston. More than 20 children performed on various instruments, many of them traditional Chinese instruments as well as dance. Nathaniel understands the importance of performing in front of a live audience for young musicians to gain experience and confidence. He provided exactly that for his group and they delivered a wonderful showcase.

Fast forward another year and the group has expanded to more than 200 active member families with 16 team leaders and they received their own 501 c 3 designation as Music of Harmony! They play for senior living facilities and nursing homes all over Houston and the surrounding areas – sharing their music with people who can’t get out to experience it.

A young girl models the new Music of Harmony logo and t-shirt.

Nathaniel is grooming other members to take the lead as he prepares to go off to college in the fall. Bryant Li, Larry Xue and Grace Liu are taking on responsibilities such as record keeping, public relations, logistics, event planning and more. They are already building sustainability into their organization.

Team leader and performer, Grace Liu.

“Since the beginning of this year, my team has continued to expand in all aspects, seeing a rise in family participation levels among existing families, a larger number of total participating families, a greater number of senior home contacts, more frequent performances per month, and a higher morale and enthusiasm among young member musicians in team events,” reports Nathaniel.

Earlier this month, Music of Harmony held their 2nd Young Artist Talent Show at the Living World Lutheran Church in Katy. The program was outstanding and featured 15 talented young musicians. Nathaniel had trained his leaders well, and in his absence, the show did go on! Nathaniel was in California interviewing at Stanford University.

Team leader and Music Doing Good Scholarship recipient, Bryant Li.

We are in awe of the inspiration, talent, dedication and drive of this young group of people, now known as Music of Harmony. It gives us so much hope to know that they also see music as the universal language and that it can bring people together, comfort the elderly and raise the vibration of the human spirit.