Music is the Best Teacher’s Aid!

North Belt Elementary School asked if Music Doing Good would come read a book to the second grade class as part of their Easter/Spring celebration. Aisha Ussery, Program Director for Music Doing Good in Schools, accepted the invitation, but was inspired to write an original story. Naturally, it included music, so Phillip Hall, Assistant Program Director, accompanied on keyboards.

The story was set in Bunnyland, which was governed by Elderbunny. BeBop Bunny was a fan of Jazz music, which he played frequently on his iPod. He loved the music so much that it made him snap his fingers and tap and thump his feet. According to the laws of Bunnyland, they only thumped their feet when they needed to signal danger. After several infractions, Elderbunny confiscated the iPod and earbuds and BeBop Bunny was left without music. But music was still in his heart, so again, he snapped his fingers and thumped his feet. Then BeBop Bunny realized that he would have to leave Bunnyland.

BeBop Bunny ventured into the forest all alone only to find a lion, tiger and bear – playing Jazz music! Again, he began to snap his fingers and tap and thump his feet. The trio said that they needed someone just like him to keep the beat and play the drums. So, BeBop Bunny found the place where he fit in with the Jazz band. Soon the other bunnies, including Elderbunny, came to enjoy the music by snapping their fingers and tapping and thumping their feet!

The second graders were so engaged in the story and snapped their fingers and tapped their feet along with BeBop Bunny. As an educator, Aisha was diligent in including teaching moments. The children are learning to write stories and Aisha led by example, but also made it fun by utilizing music. She made sure they understood words like consequence, summary and synonyms. The children were inspired to work on their own stories, as well. Music in the classroom is truly the best teacher’s aid.