In. My. Feelings. Tickets Are On Sale Now!

Rehearsals are getting very serious at Askew Elementary, Gregory Lincoln Education Center and Cummings Elementary as they prepare to perform “In. My. Feelings.” on May 11th at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. They are memorizing their lines, rehearsing choreography and practicing their blocking to ensure that the performance is precise and professional.


The story of “In. My. Feelings.” is powerful and relevant to children of today. As a way to combat malice in the world, four girls decide to create a comic book featuring heroines-female superheroes. They imagined Eartha, Mother of the Earth, who begets four superheroes named Love, Respect, Accountability and Humility. Together, they use kindness and compassion to ward off evil. Through their lyrical journey of mindful hip-hop, they create a world where we all live in concert.

Students from Gregory Lincoln Education Center rehearsing.

This experience will improve students’ social and emotional learning via Mindful Hip-Hop, which cleverly incorporates calming techniques, character building, and compassion on “head-banging” musical tracks that children love. Through singing, rapping, dancing, yoga, and storytelling, the universal languages of music and love will certainly permeate each child’s heart, furthering the mission of creating a world where we all live in concert.

Our youngest participant from Askew Elementary practices her yoga and mindfulness.

Music Doing Good in Schools serves more than 80 students this year, with the addition of a new school, Askew Elementary, which has 43 students participating in the program for the first time! Cummings Elementary and Gregory Lincoln have been involved with the outreach program for several years, and we are thrilled to be working with their students again. Additionally, students from Mata Intermediate School, Arrow Liberation Academy, North Shore Senior High School, North Shore Middle School, Baylor College of Medicine Middle School, The Rusk School and Chavez High School are joining in the fun!

Students work hard on their blocking and choreography.

If you miss this dynamic performance, you only have yourself to blame. Tickets are now on sale at