Good Job! Great Performance by our Summer Interns

Our summer interns had an action-packed week at Music Doing Good with the “Good Job!” internship. The students began the week with a forum in a safe and respectful environment to discuss religion, politics, gender roles, coming of age, relationships, culture identity and race. From this discussion, the children were asked to create writings based on their feelings and experiences with those subjects. Program Director Aisha Ussery led them through a songwriting workshop to further shape their creative writings.

The next day, the students shared their song lyrics with the group. They were also given sample tracks, read poetry and other writings, which further honed their songwriting skills. Costumes, choreography, music, blocking and stage production were all elements of their instruction in creating a performance. The students even publicized their performance via social media, and executed all tasks like professionals!

After many hours of rehearsal, the students were ready to bring their production to a packed house at Cullen Hall on the campus of University of St. Thomas. “See Me” was a brilliant and raw display of self-expression which had the audience mesmerized and mostly in tears. Their songs addressed issues of identity, difficult relationships, self-worth and being seen for who they truly are – issues with which many adults go through life without consciously addressing. These young students created songs from deep inside themselves that resonated with everyone in the auditorium. All who attended could speak of little else for the rest of the day.

Congratulations to Ebony Jones, Douglas Mills, Madison Roubieu, Madeline Neuls, Taliya Robinson, Lenox Foreman, Janiyah Miller and Mia Peyrani for your hard work and sharing yourselves so bravely. The songs that were written during the internship will be included in their performance “In My Feelings” next spring at The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. We highly suggest that you attend…and bring your tissues!