Answering the Call

After Hurricane Harvey, it was clear that the loss of homes, schools, parks, concert venues, office buildings and even a television station was wide scale and that it would be months before everyone returned to their “new normal.” So many Houstonians were displaced and schools would take weeks to open, but not before some serious scrambling. Pasadena ISD and Sheldon ISD, along with many other school districts, were among them.

A Facebook post by a dear friend, Chris Johnson, former radio host and producer for KUHF 88.7 FM, called out to Houstonians to assess the loss of instruments due to the storm. The need was overwhelming. It was time for Music Doing Good with Instruments to respond. Not only did schools lose their entire band and orchestra programs, but individual students also lost their instruments at home in the flood. With all of the upheaval in their lives, music was the one thing that would help children cope with the loss and find the “new normal.”

Four years prior, Music Doing Good with Instruments had granted 40 violins to Sheldon Elementary School in Sheldon ISD. They used those instruments to create a Suzuki violin program. Knowing that they experienced a tremendous loss of instruments, we responded to CE King Middle School, into which Sheldon Elementary directly feeds. It was important for Music Doing Good to create the bridge between those programs so that students could continue with music study. We granted a total of 53 string instruments and three flutes to CE King Middle School, who was temporarily housed at Null Middle School. Their music teacher, principal and superintendent were thrilled to receive the new instruments.

Next stop was Pasadena ISD. Their losses had already reached the airwaves and were widely reported. At Fred Roberts Middle School, 40 of their students lost instruments and could not afford to buy new ones or even rent them from the school. These families truly lost everything, many of whom are still living in temporary housing. Music Doing Good with Instruments granted 11 violins, violas, basses and cellos to the school. The music teacher, principal, fine arts administrator and assistant superintendent joined us for the instrument grant and the students honored us with a song.

Finally, Music Doing Good with Instruments responded to Thompson Intermediate School, which was temporarily housed at Beverly Hill Intermediate School in Pasadena ISD. We granted 5 cellos to their strings program so that students who lost their instruments could continue to study. Their music teacher was so grateful and they too honored our founder and president, Ms. Marie Bosarge, with a slightly belated “Happy Birthday” song.

Music Doing Good answered the call to help Hurricane Harvey victims create their “new normal” through the power of music — creating a world where we all live in concert.