Announcing our 2017 Scholarship Recipients!

On Saturday, April 22nd, we awarded 2017 Music Doing Good Scholarships to 100 students in grades 4-12. These students and their families came together for an awards ceremony hosted by Music Doing Good’s President and Founder, Ms. Marie Taylor Bosarge.

When awarding scholarships, Music Doing Good’s Scholarship program looks at more than just a student’s musical achievement. In his speech at the award ceremony, Scholarships Program Director Rodney Waters said, “We wanted to create a different kind of a program that takes into consideration musical ability as well as financial need – but acknowledges much more than that.  What is the impact of music in a student’s life?  How do students use their talent to help others?”

Thank you to everyone who applied for a scholarship this year, and congratulations to all of our 2017 Scholarship recipients!

2017 Music Doing Good Scholarship recipients (in alphabetical order):

Alba, Pedro – Cello

Alhakeem, Solomon – Bass Baritone

Bengochea, Isabella – Violin

Benitez, Reena – Violin

Bigornia, Julianne – Violin

Bilski, Hannah – Violin

Bobbs, Susanna – Violin

Bobbs, Bethany – Cello

Bonola, Tlacaelel – Viola

Broadway, Randy – Viola

Caceres, Gabrielle – Violin

Cano, Jose – Violin

Capetillo, Daniela – Viola

Capetillo, Jorge – Viola

Chan, Kevin – Violin

Chiang, Victoria – Piano

Cosse’, Avangeline – Violin

Cruz, Cristian – Trumpet

Cubos, Carrie – Violin

DeWalt, Alexandria – Jazz Vocals/Flute

Dong, Steven – Piano

Dong, Alina – Soprano

Dzul, Carolyn – Alto Saxophone

Elodat, Layla – Alto 2

Feng, April – Violin

Fink, Priya – Flute

Foster, William – Bass

Garza, Sophie – Viola/ Violin

Garza, Jazmin – Viola – Violin

Gaytan, Geovanny – Piano

Gomez, Pablo – Double Bass

Guevara, Cassandra – Viola

Henderson, Tyler – Piano

Hernandez, Eduardo – Viola

Hernandez, Melanie – Viola

Ho, Lynn – Violin

Holshouser, Sean – Baritone

Hsu, Weillison – Piano

Hu, Tonya – Piano

Hulipas, Kevin – Viola

Jones, Hannah – Alto I

Jonsson, Tomas – Piano

Lara, Jesus – Violin

Lawton, Leilani – Violin

Le, Dorothy – Flute

Li, Bryant – Piano

Linares, Alexa – Viola

Liu, Jonathan – Violin

Liu, Yuqing – Piano

Liu, Jimmy – Violin

Liu, Grace – Piano

London, Joseph – Piano

London, Catherine – Piano

Lopez, Jacob – Viola

Mathews, Lauren – Cello

Meskill, Caitlin – Cello

Micci-Barreca, Cristina – Viola

Morales, Bella – Piano

Moreno, Gael – Viola

Munoz, Madisyn – Violin

Neumann, Owen – Baritone

Nguyen, Elina – Viola

Nguyen, Elizabeth – Flute

Odermatt, James – French Horn

Oguamanam, Precious – Viola

Ollagnon, Arielle – Violin

Orta, Natalie – Violin

Ortez, Jason – Vocal

Perkyns, Nicholas – Cello

Phan, Uyen – Violin

Phi, William – Flute

Piedra, Amaris – Violin

Ripley, Sasha – Saxophone

Sabal, Jason – Double Bass

Sanchez, Eloy – Cello

Sanz, Sergio – Piano

Sawyer, Katrina – Alto Saxophone

Smith, Chase – Piano

Sun, Frank – Piano

Sun, Derek – Saxophone

Sun, Bill – Cello/Piano

Tang, Wenson – Piano

Tang, Crystal – Piano

Tapia, Arellys – Violin

Tran, Patrick – Violin

Tran, Savannah – Viola

Truong, Michelle – Violin

Tynon, William – Violin

Vela, Angel – Violin

Velasquez, Oscar – Cello

Vo, Kathy – Violin

Vu, Bao Khanh – Violin

Walker, Clinton – Piano

Wang, Christina – Piano

Whiteis, Josephine – Bassoon

Wong, Sophia – Piano

Zhang, Nathaniel – Piano

Zhang, Zoe – Cello

Zhang, Owen – Piano

Zhang, Michelle – Viola, Gu Zheng