Put Some RESPECK on it! — Aisha Ussery

In April of 2016, an interview of rapper Birdman went viral when he said, “I just come here to let y’all know to put some respeck (respect) on my name.”  He believed the interviewers were making light of a recent event and disrespecting his very existence.  This has become a catchphrase in the African-American community […]

Press Release

Music Doing Good Gives $280,000 in Music Scholarship Funds to Four Houston Universities/Colleges

On May 4, 2017, Music Doing Good launched its inaugural class of college scholarship recipients to study music. Two years in the making, Music Doing Good’s President’s Leadership Council, comprised of some of Houston’s industry leaders, helped to raise the funds for these college scholarships through concerts featuring the artists of Music Doing Good. The […]


An Instrument Request Becomes a Partnership

When Pablo Gomez’ orchestra leader, Mr. Callejas, wrote to Music Doing Good regarding an instrument grant, we instantly knew what an important request we had received. Pablo’s story was so compelling and he is exactly the kind of student and person we look for in an instrument recipient. Please read Mr. Callejas’ application submitted on […]